NER-MA-002 Boston Cadet Squadron
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Cadets at the Leadership Reaction Course

Cadets Working Together To Problem Solve.  Learning teamwork is a major part of the  Leadership Development training cadets receive.  They also get to meet cadets from all over the state (and in some cases from all over the nation) and develop life-long friendships!

A Blackhawk Taking Off with a Load of Cadets

Blackhawk Orientation Flights at Encampment are one of several exciting activities cadet get to participate in at their eight-day leadership training held during the summer, on Joint Base Cape Cod.

Happy Cadets on a Blackhawk Helicopter Flight

"Thumbs Up!!    Wait... did you meant to leave the door open!?!"    All kidding aside, many of the CAP activities (such as flying in military and corporate aircraft) have an inherent risk, which is why CAP has a built in safety culture that uses Operational Risk Management (ORM) to identify and mitigate risks.

Glider Fly Day in Vermont

Cadets preparing the glider for a Tow-Launch to altitude in Springfield, VT.  Boston cadets also fly gliders in Brunswick, ME and utilize another method of getting launched into the air -- by using the Wench Launch method.

It's In-Flight Selfie Time!

Two cadets with Lt Col Jones in-flight.  During a series of five Orientation Flights each, in both powered and glider aircraft owned by CAP, cadets not only get to go for a ride, but they are given an opportunity to safely take control of the aircraft... and fly it!!!

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